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Architectural Visualization

METAVIS was created by like-minded individuals with the same passion for architecture and interiors.

We are proud of our design and construction team with many years of experience, years of catching the most interesting trends, along with dedicated and thoughtful consulting services and perfect and sophisticated products. when contributing to realizing the dream apartment for customers.

Contributing to spreading the dream of a home, a great place to work, or simply a space for you to assert your personality, METAVIS is always enthusiastic in each project to create suitable solutions.

Product Visualization

If you are planning to sell a product in many different styles and textures, come to Metavis Studio for the most cost-effective option in the 3D visualization market. We use stunning visuals to create a CGI version of a product and presenting a future product to a potential buyer has never been so accessible. Showcasing a product in a variety of different colors or textures is made simple with our extensive skills in product visualization.


Virtual Staging

Virtual staging is a simple, but effective way to show buyers how a space can work for them. Virtual staging services are an economic alternative to traditional staging, helping buyers to choose and match furniture for their home. This popular service is going viral, in fact, virtual staging is cheaper, faster, and easier than more traditional options.

Unreal Engine Archviz Store

For architects and visualization specialists, Unreal Engine offers the creative freedom to explore, evaluate, validate, and present your designs in a high-fidelity real-time environment.

We can help you even more with our huge collection of Archviz asset to speedup your project in no time

Urban View

Real Estate Visualization

We want to make it easy to share your projects with clients over the Internet. Whether the building is completed or still under design, viewers can 'foresee' and 'step in' to visit at any time.

Character Modeling

Our 3D artists turn creative ideas into reality by filling them with visually realistic and accurate 3D character models. Our character design 3D services meet clients' expectations and high standards.

Emerald Platinum Earrings

Jewelry CGI

Compared to traditional photography, CGI jewelry photography offers greater control over lighting and environment. Traditional photography is limited by lighting conditions, physical product samples, and other factors that can affect the final image. CGI jewelry photography eliminates these limitations, resulting in more accurate and consistent images.

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